What if I can’t keep my adopted FURever FURkid?

As stated in the contract you signed at the time of adoption. You MUST contact us at fureverfurkids@gmail.com

If we do not have room, you will need to keep the pet until a foster or a FURever home is found. There is a $30 return fee, if pet was adopted 4+ months prior to returning. All vet records must be given to us as well.

If pet is returned within 3 days, the adoption fee minus $20 will be refunded. The $20 we keep, is to help cover a part of the gas and time spent doing the adoption. If pet us returned within 4-7 days, 1/2 of the adoption fee will be refunded. After 7 days, there is no refund of the adoption fee unless a longer trail period is set.